I used to lose my breath when I saw you
Now it just feels like I’m choking
I lost my breath when you held my hand for the first time 
I’m choking now that your holding hers
I lost my breath when you asked me to dance
I’m choking watching you dance with her
I lost my breath when you told me you loved me
I choked when you texted me that you didn’t
I lost my breath 
When I lost you


A smile to hide the tears I’ve cried.
My eyes forever tell the pain inside.


My close friend is also my venom,
The simple poison disguised as love,
My very light that I always need,
But sometimes I earn for the dark,
But burn me, cut me, scar me,
The dark is something I cannot have,
My close friend is like my blade,
I always want it closer,
Sometimes too close,
For comfort.